Exhumed + Vektor on 10/30 in VT!

We are opening for Exhumed & Vektor on 10/30 @ the Monkey House. Come get wrecked.

Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/434951293230005/?context=create

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Vaporizer on 105.9 FM… feelin’ free !


We had a fantastic time hanging out with y’all ! Thanks for the awesome review!

Words by Ben Nordstrom. Photo by Lily Chau.

Tonight on Rocket Shop we had Jake and Eli, the kickass drummer and bassist of the local melodic death metal quintet Vaporizer. Vaporizer’s self-titled EP was released in October of last year, and I gotta say, it’s one of the most solid locally-produced metal albums I’ve heard. The group often plays the weekly Nectar’s event Metal Mondays, organized by Matt Longo, and they’re playing a benefit show for one of our own Big Heavy tour vans Thursday at the monkey house. Jake and Eli are equally as funny as they are brutal, describing the vocals as being similar to those of “a very drunk troll”. Three tracks were played on air, including “Renegade Mage,” “Blood Oak,” and “Horn of the Narwhal”. Vaporizer is well-produced and ridiculously talented, and a welcome addition to the unjustly underrepresented genre that is stoner death metal.

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Vattnet Viskar = Headlining Metal Monday 10/01











10/01 @ Nectars
Burlington, VT
21+ FREE
18+ $5 [entry before 11pm]

The black metal alchemists of Vattnet Viskar are heading to Metal Monday to kick-off their US tour !!!

Vattnet Viskar [Century Media]


Boil The Whore

Savage Hen

Metal Monday - www.metalmonday.com

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Turbid North are headed to the Monkey House !

Turbid NorthVaporizerBoil The Whore, and S’iva are coming together Thursday, August 23 (9pm) to perform in support of Big Heavy World’s community tour vans. Enjoy a night of metal at the Monkey House for only $5, with all proceeds supporting repairs and insurance for the vans. This is a fantastic resource that enables local bands to tour. Not everyone can afford a 15 passenger van so it’s really great that this option exists.  Info at https://www.facebook.com/events/322392791189005/

Check out this sweet video from Turbid Norths latest album…


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VEKTOR coming to Burlington, VT

8/13/2012 @ Nectars in Burlington, VT-

Here’s the Facebook event for this show.


Flyer by Eli Wood - https://www.facebook.com/eli.wood.355

Burlington, VT – 9PM – FREE

VEKTOR… possibly the worlds most talented underground thrash band… is headed to Nectars in Burlington, VT. Also, there is a rumor that Mind Over Metal will be in the house. Maybe a guest DJ. *Wink *Wink



Boil The Whorewww.facebook.com/pages/Boil-The-Whore/180362808646944

Vaporizer – www.VaporizerMetal.com [hey, you're already here...]



Check out this absurdly fantastic tune from the great VEKTOR !

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Boston, NYC, Worcester.. we’re coming for your weed!

We’re getting our asses in gear. Coming to play Boston, Worcester, and NYC very soon. Links below for Facebook events / info for each event. We will have New merch in tow [ designed by Eli Wood], new songs, and virgin brides for all !

8/2 Worcester, MA @ Ralphs = https://www.facebook.com/events/368288736571325/
8/3 Boston, MA @ Radio Bar = https://www.facebook.com/events/463947210297301/
8/4 New York, NY @ Private Party / message us for details

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Vaporizer is sponsored by …heh heh

well… Vaporizer is now sponsored by VapeWorld… rejoice!

anyhoo, they are a rad company + hooking us up with some rad vaporizers = feel free to get in touch with us / come over and try them out. We should be getting one in on Thursday next week.

They make some pretty sweet stuff… hopefully there will be a custom Vaporizer vaporizer in the future… to help you enter alternate dimensions in…err… style.

Vape World Vaporizers

PS- we still love taking hits from the bong… but vapes rock too. over and out.

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420 Pine St. makes a mess!

Count the dead beers… like shooting stars.
Burlington throws booze like it don’t give a fuck.


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cemetery fun

Here’s a brand new song titled Renegade Mage that we played recently @ Nectars in Burlington, VT. High five to everybody who came out and partied with us before & after the show [Boil The Whore, I'm looking at YOU].


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Thread Magazine Shoots Vern in the Face.

Thread Magazine + Vern + Vaporizer + Burlington, VT + Metal + MusicThread Magazine + Vern + Vaporizer + Burlington, VT + Metal + MusicThread Magazine + Vern + Vaporizer + Burlington, VT + Metal + Music



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